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Wealth Of A Poor Man!

Ramchand and Premchand were neighbours. Ramchand was a poor farmer. Premchand was a landlord. Ramchand used to be very relaxed and happy. He never bothered to close the doors and windows of his house at night. He had deep sound sleeps. Although he had no money he was peaceful. Premchand used to be very tensealways. He was very keen to close the doors and windows of his house at night. He could not sleep well. He was always bothered that someone might break open his safes and steal away his money. He envied the peaceful Ramchand. One day, Premchand call Ramchand and gave him a boxfulof cash saying, ‘Look my dear friend. I am blessed with plenty of wealth. I find you in poverty. So, take this cash and live in prosperity.’ Ramchand was overwhelmingly happy. He was joyful throughoutthe day. Night came. Ramchand went to bed as usual. But, to-day,he could not sleep. He went and closed the doors and windows. He still could not sleep. He began to keep on looking at the box of cash. The whole night he was disturbed. As soon as day broke, Ramchand took the box of cash to Premchand. He gave away the box to Premchand saying, ‘Dear Friend, I am poor. But, your money took away peace from me. Please bear with me and takeback your money.’

Moral: Money can not get everything. Learn to be satisfied with what you have and you willalways be happy.

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