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A man with a gun goes into a bank and demands their money. Once he is given the money, he turns to a customer and asks, Did you see me rob this bank? The man replied, 'Yes sir, I did.' The robber then shot him in the temple, killing him instantly. He then turned to... Continue Reading →

The Dream

He gently opened his eyes and the warm sun beat upon his face.. He lay among the soft caress of the grass and a gentle wind embraced him.. His father sat underneath a tree a few feet way beside the babbling brook.. You are awake,, his father smiled., I fell asleep dad.,,''You did my son.''.''I... Continue Reading →

Finding Happiness

Once a group of 50 people was attending a seminar.. Suddenly the speaker stopped and started giving each person a balloon.. Each one was asked to write his\/her name on it using a marker pen.. Then all the balloons were collected and put in another room.. Now these delegates were let in that room and... Continue Reading →

English Quotes About Life

English Quotes- 02 1. Dont be afraid to stand for what you believe in, even if that means standing alone... 2. The best revenge is massive success... 3. Forget all the reasons it won’t work and believe the one reason that it will... 4. The only way to do great work is to love what... Continue Reading →


"Work is real worship" One fine sunny day in winter, a grasshopper was basking in the warm sun.. But he was very hungry, as he had not eaten anything since last night.. So, he looked about to find something to soothe his hunger.. Suddenly, he saw few ants carrying grains into their hole.. He went... Continue Reading →

Horror Story!

THE POST OFFICE In the panhandle of Oklahoma, along the interstate, there is a lone brick building marked Post Office No.56″, and is marked with tape at the door as Closed.. The building has no doors, and looks like a small box of bricks from a distance.. The door is always locked, and will never... Continue Reading →


Think what a remarkable, unduplicatable, and miraculous thing it is to be you!. Of all the people who have come and gone on the earth, since the beginning of time, not ONE of them is like YOU!. No one who has ever lived or is to come has had your combination of abilities, talents, appearance,... Continue Reading →

Bed Company.!

A rich man had only one son... The son fell into the bad company... He developed many bad habits... The man was much worried about the habits of his son... He tried his best to mend his habits but he could not succeed... One day he thought of a plan to teach his son a... Continue Reading →


One day, an argument occurred between a monkey and an elephant about who was better among them... They both went to a lion for settlement... The lion said, Go across the river... There you will find a mango tree... Whosoever, gets a mango from there will be considered better ? Both went to the river...... Continue Reading →

Evening Dinner With AN Old Father!

A son took his old father to a restaurant for an evening dinner... Father being very old and weak, while eating, dropped food on his shirt and trousers... Other diners watched him in disgust while his son was calm... After he finished eating, his son who was not at all embarrassed, quietly took him to... Continue Reading →

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