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A Village Mother & Her Daughter.

When he comes back to his father’s house after marrying his daughter, his mother is very interested to know how he feels in that house.

The girl replied-
“I don’t like being there. How are the people.. I don’t like the environment either. “Her mother saw a kind of frustration inside her. It took quite a while to see. It’s time for the girl to leave.. The day before leaving, the mother entered the kitchen with her daughter

Does.. Mother puts water in the pot and keeps it warm.
Once it starts to boil, the mother puts carrots, eggs and coffee beans in the pot. Thus, after twenty minutes, the mother put out the fire. Put the carrots, eggs and coffee beans in a bowl.
This time he addressed the girl and said- You are here
Tell me if you understand from?
Girl surprise
Expressing, he said- “I saw you carrot, egg
And only if the coffee bean is boiled.” Girl
After hearing the words, the mother said-“Yes, you saw right.. But are you anything more.?
Didn’t you notice.? ”
The girl says-“No, mother.”
Mother says-
“Carrots are fairly hard, eggs are very light and coffee beans are very hard. But when they were put in hot water, three things happened. The carrots became very soft, and the eggs hardened, and the coffee beans mixed with the sweet-smelling and sweet-tasting water.. “My mother looked away and wanted to go back to the past.. Then again Returning to reality, he turned to his daughter and said, “The words I will tell you now, this is exactly how my mother told me.”I don’t know how much the words will benefit you, but it has affected my life a lot”
The mother paused and said, “If you present yourself hard in your husband’s house, you will be confronted with a hostile environment – it will weaken you and soften you like a carrot – it will break your personality.” If you present yourself as soft-brittle, the hostile environment will overwhelm you, hurt after injury and your heart at once.

It will harden just like an egg.. But if you can control your condition by mixing yourself with the hostile environment with your love, the environment will become beautiful just like a coffee bean mixing itself with hot water makes the water delicious and sweet all around.”
The next day when the girl was going to her husband’s house There was a wonderful calmness and a strong conviction inside him.
The situation around us is always favorable
Don’t stay, so say yourself overcoming the situation
Instead, overcome the situation with patience, love and compassion Have to. Happiness is always created by yourself..__

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