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A poor child asked his widowed mother -Well mother, on Eid everyone makes new clothes, eats good food but we don’t make new clothes, why don’t we eat good food too.? Tears came to the mother’s eyes when she heard the boy’s question.. The mother can’t think how to explain this to her stupid child.!

The child asked again mother don’t tell? The mother then explained to the child that those who make new clothes for Eid, eat good food, they fast for 1 month without suffering.. So God rewards them. And we suffer from not eating all year round so our fast does not end.

When we die, God will reward us in Paradise, clothe us with new clothes, and give us good food. Then the child said to his mother, “Let’s not die, mother, we too will die and go to Allah.” I also want to celebrate Eid, eat good food, wear new clothes.. Let’s not let mother die. Let’s not go.!

The mute mother then wiped her eyes with the hem of her cloth with tears in her eyes and looked at her stupid child because she had no other answer.. There is bad love for these children. But I can’t do anything for them..

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