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Value of Time!

Anthony was a very lazy boy and always used to postpone things.. One day his father called him and made him understand the value of time that one should always do things on time.. Anthony promised his father that he would never postpone things.. One day, he came to know that he had won the... Continue Reading →


"Work is real worship" One fine sunny day in winter, a grasshopper was basking in the warm sun.. But he was very hungry, as he had not eaten anything since last night.. So, he looked about to find something to soothe his hunger.. Suddenly, he saw few ants carrying grains into their hole.. He went... Continue Reading →

Story OF Tyler Terry !

Perry had a rough childhood.. He was physically and sexually abused growing up, got kicked out of high school, and tried to commit suicide twice once as a preteen and again at 22.. At 23 he moved to Atlanta and took up odd jobs as he started working on his stage career.. In 1992 he... Continue Reading →


It’s interesting to note that relaxing by meditating or simply avoiding distractions is another of the most often mentioned habits of successful people.. Of course, relaxation comes more easily to those who are organized, so perhaps for some it is more of a natural byproduct than a conscious decision... It may also be that the... Continue Reading →

Bed Company.!

A rich man had only one son... The son fell into the bad company... He developed many bad habits... The man was much worried about the habits of his son... He tried his best to mend his habits but he could not succeed... One day he thought of a plan to teach his son a... Continue Reading →


One day, an argument occurred between a monkey and an elephant about who was better among them... They both went to a lion for settlement... The lion said, Go across the river... There you will find a mango tree... Whosoever, gets a mango from there will be considered better ? Both went to the river...... Continue Reading →


Once, a rich lady, having no child of her own, decided, to adopt a girl child... For this, she gave advertisements in various newspapers... Many poor women came to sell their daughters to her...The rich lady gave some money to all girls and asked them to go to the market and buy their favourite things...On... Continue Reading →

Be Happy.!

Once a group of 50 people was attending a seminar...Suddenly the speaker stopped and decided to do a group activity... He started giving each one a balloon... Each one was asked to write his her name on it using a marker pen... Then all the balloons were collected and put in another room... Now these... Continue Reading →

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