Offline Commando Free Game

The game is an offline game. So you don’t need a Gmail account to open it. The game will have no backup. In the game you can play single player, multiplayer.
A very good game for kids.
If you love shooting games, this is for you.
The game has unlimited shots and all guns can be used to unlock any gun. Bullets inside the gun do not end unlimited.
The game has two options.
1 multiplayer
2 single players
There is a very interesting aspect to this song. Note that multiplayer does not require internet.
Multiplayer consists of two teams, one red and one green.
You will always be in the green team. And work against red color. You have to kill them. You will have many companions. They will kill you and you will kill them.
Life can be taken twice in the game. Once you die you will be fine again and the second time you die you will lose.
I think the game will be good for you, you can try it once.

Watch the video below to get a better idea.

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